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sparkle it up a bit this evening… :)

Jun 28 -

sparkle it up a bit this evening… :)

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Jane Doe is the VINTAGE lady of BELGRADE, Serbia. We offer a wide variety of unique VINTAGE clothes from '20s until the '80s and Local DESIGNER, Vintage Inspired and Redesigned items. _______________________________________________________ THE SHOP IS LOCATED IN DORCOL AREA (OLD PART OF THE CITY) KAPETAN MISINA 17 STREET - ON THE CORNER WITH STRAHINJICA BANA STREET... ________________________________________________________ We are open on WORKING DAYS 12-8 pm and on SAT 12-5 pm CONTACT phone +3811 29 10 242 ________________________________________________ FACEBOOK PAGE: JaneDoeVintageShop / MAIL: janedoeshop@gmail.com INSTAGRAM: janedoeshop WEBSITE: http://janedoeshop.com